Vanessa – Waitress/ Student

What’s your biggest goal for 2015?
To become healthier and happier and to get through University.
In what ways do you want to become healthier?
I want to quit smoking and lose weight
And Happier?
I’ve suffered from depression in the past, I want to keep on winning that battle.
Can you explain depression to someone who has never had it?
It’s like a black goo has taken over your body. You have no control, it’s like you have been possessed. The depression is what’s controlling what you’re doing and how you’re feeling and you’re in the back of your head screaming for help but you can’t do anything but be sad. You can take medication but it doesn’t make you happy, it just numbs you so you don’t have to be anxious, so that you don’t have to be depressed. Your kind of just numb and blank. But that feels a lot better compared to how you would be otherwise.
What course are you doing at Uni?
Youth work. I want to be able to help young people get through life where they may not of had help before.
Why is that important to you?
I had a pretty tough upbringing so I want to try to make other people’s lives easier where mine wasn’t.
How was your upbringing tough?
The usual… I got Bullied and I was teased for being overweight a lot all though school. I had bad encounters with men and I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety and it hasn’t been easy. That’s why I want to make others lives, people who have been though similar things to me, easier. When I see someone who has been through something similar to me, it touches my heart. I know how lost and helpless they feel.
What are your favourite memories of?
Any time when I get to hang out with my sister Natalie, she lives in London now so I don’t get to see her, but any time we hang out… Their my happiest memories.
What inspires you?
Positive people. Positivity in all its forms.
Melbourne quick q&a
Favourite cafe:
3 Little Monkeys cafe in Centre Place
Favourite bar:
Young and Jackson
Favorite restaurant:
Gusto in West Footscray. Great Italian food!
Favourite thing to do in Melbourne:
I’m a nerd, so any place with comics is great. Minotaur in the city is amazing and collectors edge in Moonee Ponds is fantastic
Hidden gem in Melbourne:
Yarraville. the Sun Theatre is amazing.

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