What are you doing here today?
We are from a school where these kids are disengaged from the mainstream. These kids are crazy about graffiti art and other different types of art. So usually once a week they spend an hour or so learning skills and methods and techniques. Then we bring them down to Union Lane so they can practice what they’ve learnt in school as well as engage with the public. We just had an old lady ten minutes ago who was interested in what we were doing. One of the younger boys showed her how to paint and gave her a go at spraying on the wall. If they were on their own in a train yard doing this, that would never happen.
What’s the biggest difference you’ve seen in the boys since they started the course?
Their confidence would be the main thing. When we started at the beginning of the year, we had a group of private school girls walk down the lane and all the boys instantly put their hoodies on. Now you look at them and they’re conversing with everyone that walks by. They laugh a lot with each other and this just helps their social skills.
It must be a rewarding job?
Amazing. Absolutely amazing.
Favourite cafe in Melbourne:
Brother Alec in Thornbury
Favourite restaurant:
Helenic Republic
Favourite bar:
Racoon Bar in Preston
Favourite thing to do in Melbourne:
Just walking the streets here is always great. There is always something going o and it’s pretty exciting.
Hidden gem in Melbourne:
The street art. It’s all amazing.


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