What’s your biggest struggle right now?
Finding employment at the moment. Getting some cash to come in, especially before Christmas time.
What work have you done in the past?
I started off in multimedia design out of Tafe. I’ve built websites, I was in the dot-com boom and the small company I worked for burst with the bubble. After this I went back to Uni to get some more technical skills in network engineering. I ended up getting a job with Sensis Yellow Pages in sales and worked there for ten years and then took a voluntary redundancy as they were streamlining.
How is your personal life?
I have a girlfriend and she still works there. She kind of took my job but that’s another story… It’s a little bit of a sore point, haha! Nah, she is in sales as well and I stepped aside to pave the way for her which was good.
How long have you guys been together?
About two and half years… coming up to three I think.
Is she the one?
Is she the one…? She definitely could be. I don’t know about the whole “one” scenario but she ticks all my needs that’s for sure.
Have you travelled much?
Yeah I’ve travelled a fair bit. I have relatives in Europe so I’ve travelled around there. Done Paris, Dubai, Tahiti, New York… Chased a girl over to New York but that’s another story…
Favourite cafe in Melbourne:
So many to choose from, I’m always looking for new ones but… My mate just opened a new one. L2B on Little Collins.
Favourite restaurant:
Mamasita on Collins St, a great little Mexican joint.
Favourite bar:
Red Love bar on Swanston St.
Hidden gem in Melbourne:
St.kilda markets on a Sunday.
Favourite thing to do in Melbourne:
Discovering new things. Alley ways, the street art, just the people you meet on the street, events, music, beers in the sun, cafes, restaurants… That’s what Melbourne’s all about.

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