What do you do for a job Saint John?
I work for Bupa and I also play in a band called “Lieutenant Jam” and that is my passion
What gets you most excited in life?
Good shows. Good music is what really gets me going.
Do you have a favourite venue?
I’d have to say Brunswick Hotel. The crowd and the atmosphere are always good there.
What do you play?
i PLAY base guitar.
What’s the biggest challenge about being in a band?
Trying to break through that threshold from underground band to being well-known. That little ceiling that you have to break through…
What’s the biggest worry in your life?
My biggest worry… The thing is I’m a pretty easy-going kind of person. Easy come, easy go you know. If you have worries you will just be stressed about stuff, but at the end of the day, you have so much to be appreciative of. so just focus on that and your worries will go away.
Are you in a relationship?
Yep, been with my girl for a year and a half.
Is she the one?
Yeah, I’m marrying this one.
What’s your favourite coffee?
Favourite cafe:
Banff in St.Kilda
Favourite restaurant:
Amigos on Ackland Street
Favourite bar:
Vineyard in St.Kilda
Hidden gem in Melbourne:
Rooftop above Cookie
Favourite thing to do in Melbourne:
Going to the Melbourne Museum


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