Rusty – Graffiti artist

What is it about graffiti that you love?
It’s the fact that you’re taking the space and half the time it’s not really something you’ve asked for. Everyone has their own take on it. It’s an art form that has no rules. If you say that it says a certain word, it may not even look like it, but as long as you say it says that, that’s the way it is. You get to dictate that.
What do you do in your ordinary life?
I’m a Housekeeper/Assistant linen manager. I’m a good boy during the day, bad boy during the night.
What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing right now?
Trying to find a happy medium between art and being able to live. Being a productive member of society as well as someone who wants to be a free spirit and who’s trying to get their own art out there. You’ve got to find the 50/50 in the middle. You need money to buy paint to make the art. At the same time you don’t want to spend your whole day working, you’d rather spend your day doing the art.
What does paint cost you?
I spend around $300 a fortnight on paint. That will get me two or three pieces. This piece would have cost me about $75 all up.
Where are you from originally?
Adelaide. I came here just for the art scene. It was the only thing that made me move.
What inspires you?
Everyday life. How I wake up. How I feel. When I paint my pieces resemble how I am feeling. If I’ve had a good day you will see it in what I paint. If I’ve had a good day you will see it as well.
Melbourne quick Q&A
Favourite cafe:
Alley Tunes on Glenferrie rd in Hawthorn. It’s a record/coffee store.
Favourite restaurant:
Tandoori Oven just off Glenferrie Road.
Favourite bar:
The Bendigo on Johnston Street in Collingwood.
Favourite thing about Melbourne:
The art and the lifestyle
Best hidden gem:
The Glenferrie Drains. It’s almost 20 KM of constant art.

2 thoughts on “Rusty – Graffiti artist

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