Rob – Paramedic


One of our heroes enjoying some lunch and a crossword.

How long have you been a paramedic?
20 years.
What’s the best thing about being a paramedic?
Basically, being able to help people in their time of need. Also getting to see, most of the time, the good outcome that comes from my help.
What’s the toughest thing?
Children. The young lives that don’t make it hit you hard. As a parent myself I can obviously feel for the other parents… What it would be like. Thank goodness I haven’t had many of those situations. They’re always the hardest…
What’s the toughest situation you’ve been faced with?
The blood and guts kind of situation is the toughest. It can play on your mind long after it’s happened. We have peer support and other assistance but it can really stay with you. When you arrive at a scene and you can’t quite work out what is wrong with the patient… You go through what you think it could be and if it isn’t one of the things you’re thinking you have to think quickly “what can it be?”
Why’d you get into it?
I just wanted to help. I was working in the country as a volunteer and thought that it was something that I could do professionally. I ended up in the city. But yeah, I just wanted to help people.

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