Mixed Up Everything – Aspiring Musicians

So who do we have here?
Todd-15 (guitar/singing)
 Kevin 13 (drums/buckets )
Blake 12 (guitar/bass)
Koby 10 (bass/tambourine)
How’d you come up with the BANDS  name?
When we were really young, like 3 years old, we would play concerts in our lounge room for our parents. We would use tennis racquets for guitars and Kevin would play on pillows instead of drums.
Our parents asked us “what kind of songs do you play?”
We would just say, “mixed up songs of every band” So when we decided to make a band and had to come up with a name “Mixedupeverything”  just made sense.
Is this what you want to do for a career?
Yeah, we hope to. It’s such a rush to play for live crowds!

The boys know how to pull a crowd!

If you would like to see some more of the boys on Facebook, CLICK HERE!

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