Mitch – Bartender @ Transport Bar

What’s your passion?
Cocktails. For Christmas everything I got was cocktails based, books, glasses, shakers everything. I spend a lot of time reading about cocktails, learning how to make new ones.
What’s the interest there?
You’ve got thousands of liqueurs and different alcohols and you can make pretty much any flavour with it. I went home to my family for Christmas and they bought me 4 or 5 hundred dollars worth of alcohol so I could just go crazy and make whatever I wanted with it.
What’s the biggest hurdle for you at the moment?
Money, definitely. I worked as a personal trainer and got sold a bag of false goods. You get pretty much conned into believing you will be making so so so much money but in actual fact they get you in, take your money and throw you to the dogs. It’s a $4,000 start-up fee plus you pay $1,400 just to work there. When they hired me they told me they wouldn’t hire anyone for 6 months… In the following 6 months they hired ten new personal trainers!
In the next few months I was going further and further into debt but luckily my girlfriend, parents and brother and sister helped me out.
What’s the best bit of advice you’ve been given?
I was playing pool with my dad one time and he said, “When you take your shot, make sure your not just taking that shot, but that your setting up for your next shot up as well.”
You can take that just for pool, you can also use it as a metaphor for life.
Melbourne quick q&a
Favourite cafe:
Badger vs Hawk on La Trobe. Best coffee I have ever had.
Favourite bar:
Well it has to be Transport bar!
Favourite restaurant:
Meat & wine co. on southbank. Best steak I’ve ever had.
I love to drink on the cider rooftop bar above young and Jackson.
Best hidden gem in Melbourne:
Going down to Southbank in the evening and watching the flames near crown towers. It always amazes me.

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