Mikael – Islamic Advocate

What are you doing here today?
We are part of an Islamic movement that invites people to the religion of Islam and we also clear up misconceptions of what people might think they know about Muslims through the media.
What has the reaction been like since what happened in Sydney?
So far so good. There are some facial reactions that can cut you deep. Generally it’s quite good, but some people do have these misconceptions and our literature can help clear that up.
What’s the challenge that means the most to your right now?
The biggest challenge right now has to do with Atheism. I think as the days go on, technology is advancing, people are relying less on god as their main source. People are becoming more dependent on technology and losing touch with god.
That worries you?
It does worry me a bit yeah. Our purpose is to remind people what their purpose on earth is. That we are here to worship god.
What inspires you?
As a Muslim, our prophet like all the prophets that came before him, Jesus, Moses and Abraham, has a message for the people and their message was clear. That message was to worship God and God alone. I am inspired to remind the people who you will die and that death is promised for us. You can’t avoid it so come back to do what you were designed to do and worship God.
Melbourne quick q&a
Favourite cafe in Melbourne:
The hide and seek cafe in Ashwood
Favourite restaurant:
Taste of Thai on Sydney Road
Favourite bar:
I don’t drink :-)
Favourite thing about Melbourne:
I love its multiculturalism. I love that you can go from an extremely hippie part of town to an extremely white part of town to a boganish part of town in a diameter of 10 kilometres.
Hidden gem in Melbourne:
The Dandenong mountains, it’s a very nice place.

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