Matt you said you’re unemployed, what’s the main reason for that?
I just had a hip replacement. After nine operations since the age of 14 when I was hit by a car, my body had finally had enough and I had to have the hip replaced. Three years down the track and it’s been a bit of up and down with it.
Melbourne boy through and through?
Yep, born and bred here. I met my ex-wife here, that was 13 good years. She is back in Adelaide now.
What’s the biggest struggle in your life right now?
Learning how to be lonely. I can be in this beautiful city of Melbourne with people all around me and I get to experience so much in the city and have so many different experiences. But, it’s that walk home. You know? I open the door and of a single bedroom apartment in the heart of the city… But, there’s been a godsend, I got myself a cat and she makes it a little bit easier to come home.
What inspires you?
Happiness and good people. Getting the opportunity to see other people happy in the city I love. Getting the chance to help other people be happy, nothing gives me more joy than seeing a tourist with a map up in front of them looking confused, I just walk up to them and say “I love my city of Melbourne, can I help you?” They always say yes and sometimes they even ask for things to do if they have a few free hours.
Ever thought about being a Melbourne tour guide?
It’s a lot of standing so it’s not best for the hip!
What are you most looking forward to most at the moment?
Summer, it’s my birthday. I love Summer and I love all the people who come into Melbourne. If I can experience and enjoy Melbourne with lots of happy people… That’s what I am most looking forward to.
Favourite cafe:
Seven seeds
Favourite restaurant:
Chuckle park on Little Collins st. Their pulled pork rolls are to die for!
Favourite bar:
Captain Melville on Franklin Street.
Favourite thing to do in Melbourne:
People watch.
Hidden gem in Melbourne:
Hidden lane ways for the street art and the hidden coffee

One thought on “MATTHEW – UNEMPLOYED

  1. Ever wonder why you’re so lonely? All you do is use your unemployment excuse to take advantage of your friends, using any old excuse to get money from them. You had two wonderful italian boys close to you that liked you and respected you, but after the way that you treated them, you can be rest assured that not just them, but their whole circle of friends know what a scamming scumbag you are. You had other friends around you, constantly visiting you, just to try to make you feel less lonely, but every day that passes your attitude toward life gets worse and worse and all you do is complain, any little thing ticks you off and you just turn into a raging sack of wasted humanity.You take any opportunity to use people around you, to take whatever they can offer you, and not just offer anymore but whatever you can take. Those people you used to call friends, those who you used to be so good to and who used to be so good to you in return, no longer want to be around you. Your whole vibe feels poisonous to those who know you long enough, always listening to the same bullshit excuses as to why you won’t get a job. The truth is you got lazy, you figured your life could be easy enough if you just convinced yourself that those around you are too stupid to notice that you take advantage of them, but reality hit you square in the face. People are not as dumb as you think they are and they don’t take well to 40 year old scamming bastards who have shit excuses to not get a job to support himself. Take a long hard look in the mirror, my friend. Before you know it, not even your cat is gonna like you.

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