You’re from America, why are you in Melbourne?
I’m here to see some good buds, to see my “mates”.
Where have you been so far in Australia?
I started in Cairns then went down to Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney and now here.
Which one is your favourite?
Oh Melbourne by far!
What’s the biggest challenge in your life right now?
It’s my birthday today, and as much as I love to travel there is a big part of me that wants to have kids and settle down with someone I love and I don’t have that yet. My birthday is a reminder that it’s just one more year without them.
What makes you happiest?
Despite that part, being so thankful that I am able to just go travelling. Physically, mentally I can do this and I can see the world and get to meet people. I think a lot of people feel stuck, even if they’re physically able , they feel stuck in life in general.
What do you miss most about the states?
Oh, the familiarity. Being home means that you know which coffee shop you like and things like that. A little bit of routine is nice as well but most of all I miss my friends.
Favourite bar in Melbourne:
Naked for Satan on Brunswick st.
Favourite restaurant:
Ladro Italian restaurant on Gertrude st.
Favourite cafe:
The one I am at right now! 3 little monkeys on centre place.
favourite thing about Melbourne?
feeling like a local here. getting lost in the city but feeling like i know the city.
Hidden gem:
The graffiti in this city is amazing. I’m not sure it’s hidden but if you came here and didn’t spend a couple of hours getting lost in back alleys and looking at the graffiti it would be a waste!

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  1. Hi Laura, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Wishing you all the best and a Happy new Year! Arie & Jannie

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