Kirsty – Cafe Manager @ Good To Go

What is your role here?
I am the manager here at Good To Go. I work for Youth Projects who are a not for profit charity. We opened about 4 months ago here in Hosier Lane.
What’s it like working amongst all the gorgeous street art in Hosier LANE?
It is SO GOOD! I think bringing the music to the lane is a massive change as well. It creates a fantastic vibe. Every time you walk along here something has changed. Visually it is so stimulating, I seriously love it. Plus, I get to meet so many people.
How is “Good To Go” related to Youth Projects?
All the profits that we make go to Youth Projects to help the youths in Melbourne.
What’s your passion?
I’d definitely say music. I am well into my dance and techno music.
Melbourne quick q&a
Favourite cafe:
Elceed in North Melbourne
Favourite bar:
Prudence on Victoria Street
Favourite restaurant:
Favourite thing to do in Melbourne:
Walking around and just looking at the city.
Hidden gem in Melbourne:

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