How long have you been in Melbourne for?
I’ve been here for five months.
Have you enjoyed your time here?
Yes. Very much. Had “heaps” of fun!
What has made it enjoyable?
The people who I’ve met have been exactly who I needed to meet.
What has been your favourite moment in Melbourne?
Working at 3 lil Monkeys cafe with the best people.
Do you think you will return to Melbourne?
Yes. I will! When I first arrived I didn’t like the city at all. The people here and the city itself have changed my mind.
What are you most scared of in life?
Being on my own.
Favourite cafe in Melbourne:
3 lil monkeys in Centre Place
Favourite bar:
Rooftop bar above Cookie
Favourite restaurant:
Lentil as anything, Abbotsford.
Hidden gem in Melbourne:
Lentil as Anything again :-)
Favourite thing to do in Melbourne:
Watching the sunset at Elwood.

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