Kai – Green Monkey Cyclist

How are you finding being a cycling taxi after the first week?
It’s been very exciting, very fulfilling. It’s got a really good energy about it and every body is happy to see us here. Everyone is embracing the concept which is fantastic.
Do you enjoy cycling out side of work?
Yeah, I am a cyclist anyways and I enjoy the cycling lifestyle. It’s always been a great interest of mine.
Biggest challenge you face at the moment?
I’ve just come back from travelling and I had a corporate job as an engineer before I left. The challenge I have found is finding a workplace that embraces the same values as me. I want to work for a company that is forward thinking, that has a green mindset. The focus always seems to be people who are swept up in consumption. Finding fulfilling work is the main challenge.
What inspires you?
I get a big kick out of being as social and as positive as I can be. I love being as productive with other people as possible. Money is not the objective for me. I am an environmental engineer by qualification so doing sustainability projects has been a big focus for me.
Best piece of advice you’ve been given?
That’s tough… I can tell you the worst piece of advice I’ve been given?
My parents are two incredibly different people. My dad is an artist and my mum is an accountant from Chinese and Spanish backgrounds. They always told me I was lucky and that I could mix the two ideologies of the two cultures. It’s great advice if it works but it doesn’t work. They are two very conflicting ideas and ways of being and it just pulls you in two very different directions.
Favourite cafe in Melbourne:
St.Ali’s in North Melbourne. They have supreme coffee there.
Favourite bar:
Ferdydurke on Tattersals Lane in China Town.
Favourite restaurant:
Ginger boy on Crossley street.
Hidden Gem in Melbourne:
Walking the lane ways and ending up at Section 8  or Ferdydurke for a drink.
Favourite thing to do in Melbourne:
Meeting cool kids from other countries around the world and showing them Melbourne.

One thought on “Kai – Green Monkey Cyclist

  1. Kai, you truly are a superstar……what a fantastic advocate for Green Monkey Pedicabs and not forgetting Melbourne City of course!! It is great to have you as part of our team. Green Monkey continue to hold pride and salute their amazing driving team!

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