Josiah – Musician

Where’s your accent from?
I’m from Montana in the States. I live in Melbourne around half the year.
What’s so appealing about Melbourne to you?
I like the culture in a variety of aspects. The small bar scene, restaurants – I’m a bit of a foodie, the cafe culture obviously and also for music and the arts Melbourne is a very open city.
What’s your biggest challenge you’ve found recently?
Self confidence has been the biggest challenge recently. Being a musician is like running a small business, I just read a study that the cost to break a band internationally right now is half a million to 2.5 million. So you look at those figures and you look at what you can do as an independent artist and this can make you question if you can do it or not.
What inspires you most?
Natures a big one. Love is a big one. I’ve been I a relationship for about a year and a half now. She is in England and she get’s here next week.
How is the long-distant relationship treating you?
It’s OK. You need to speak to each other everyday even if it’s just for five minutes, just to hear their voice. Texting, Viber, Skype calls, it all helps.
Who are your biggest musical inspiration?
Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Beethoven, Jamie XX, Arcade Fire, they’d be my biggest inspirations. Oh Grimes as well, she’s a massive inspiration. How she came up into the music scene is great.
Favourite cafe in Melbourne:
Bon on Hardware Lane
Favourite restaurant:
Meekong Vietnam on Swanston and Little Bourke
Favourite bar:
Rooftop bar above Cookie

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