Jess – Artist – Homeless

What is it that you’re doing here?
I do pavement art around the city to raise money for accommodation and food.
How did you get started in that?
My other half encouraged me.
Have you drawn since you were young?
I have, it has always come naturally to me. I just draw whatever I feel like.
Except for the money aspect, why do you do the artworks?
It makes me feel whole. It makes me feel alive. I am nothing here on the street nut when I am doing something I feel alive.
So you sleep on the street?
Yep, for 4 years we’ve been on the street. Me and my man found each other on the street. We keep each other company.
What did you us to do before being homeless?
I was a textile designer in Warrnambool, the thing with that is that they get to keep your work and use it as their work. I didn’t like that.
What inspires you Jess?
Animals, everything really. My aboriginal heritage. I used to be a dancer as well. I liked that.

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