James – Unemployed – Homeless

What did you do before you were homeless?
The past seven years I haven’t been doing much because I had a bad car accident seven years ago where I broke both my femurs, had a fully reconstructed left knee and a brain injury. The doctors put me on pain relief and when I got cut off from that I turned to drugs.
What drugs do you take now?
Heroine at the moment. I tried the methadone program which was good for the pain but made me sick in the stomach. It’s also harder to get off in the long run. We call it “liquid handcuffs.” Once you’re on it, your stuck in the place where you can get it.
Where do you normally sleep?
Anywhere I can. I was lucky last winter as I was staying at my partners place but she is on the streets now too. Her mother got fed up with us both and kicked us out.
What’s the biggest challenge you face James?
Finding accommodation. I have been segment 1 to get into government housing for 7 years. It’s a joke.
What job could you do?
It would have to be something that would be off my feet because of all my injuries. I just can’t do it. Somethings that not too complex. As soon as the employers do a police check I am screwed anyway.
What inspires you James?
Sunshine. Life. Whatever I find interesting. The problem is when you’re on the streets that nothing interest you except for drugs. Escaping reality.

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