Jake – Graphic designer / Barista

What are you most looking forward to at the moment?
I’m moving into a new apartment tomorrow!
What’s been you favourite part of this year so far?
Let Them Eat Cake music festival I went to on New Years Day. It was so good.
What’s been the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do?
Up-route my life in NZ and move here. I was 19 and didn’t know anyone. It was tough but it worked out.
What inspires you?
Beautiful things. Pretty things. I do graphic design so anything that makes me think “Fuck, I wish I did that!”
Melbourne quick q&a
Favourite cafe:
Tom Thumb
Favourite bar:
Cookie. I love Cookie.
Favourite restaurant:
Super Normal on Flinders Lane
Favourite thing to do in Melbourne:
Eat and shop, the classics.
Hidden gem in Melbourne:
All the little shops along Brunswick Street that you miss. It’s somewhere you have to visit many times.

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