Jacqui – Gorman Sales Rep/ Artist

What type of art do you do?
Illustration. I work mainly in small ceramics.
How was your New Years?
Really quite. I worked til night-time and then went down to Ormond Point to watch the fireworks.
What’s your biggest struggle at the moment?
Direction. Staying on the right path to where I want to be in the future. Making sure I am always working toward and developing myself with style and making sure I am not growing stagnant.
What inspires you?
Other people working really hard. What other creatives produce and what other people are doing with their lives and their skills.
Is there a part of Melbourne in particular that inspires you?
Yeah, looking out from the Nicholas building and walking through there and seeing all the artists at work there. Looking at the St.Paul’s Cathedral from the windows. All the old buildings as well… And of course the Humans In Melbourne.
What are you most looking forward to?
The end of summer and finishing my degree in creative arts next year. Getting back into the studio and doing lots of work!
Melbourne quick q&a
Favourite Cafe:
Hidden Genie in Yarraville
Favourite bar:
Workshop on Elizabeth
Favourite restaurant:
Shanghai Village dumplings in China Town
Favourite thing to do in Melbourne:
Spending a day going through all the galleries
Hidden gem in Melbourne:
The window seat at “Captains of Industry”. It’s great to just sit there and watch all the people walking past.

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