What’s the most exciting thing in your life right now?
I had the chance to work with Converse, that was pretty rad. I have also gotten to experience some beautiful places in Victoria recently with some of my idols in photography. It was an amazing experience.
What do you want to achieve in the next year?
I want to achieve a large social media base to be able to share my photos with. I would love to be able to take groups out to location shoots to get them out of the city and into nature. I believe people are missing out on some special places that are so close by Melbourne. I want to continue learning.
Favourite cafe:
3 Lil Monkeys in Centre Place
Favourite restaurant:
Vapiano on Flinders Lane, It’s and Italian restaurant
Favourite bar:
Workshop on Elizabeth
Hidden gem in Melbourne:
Sitting on St.Kilda beach on a Saturday morning to watch the sunrise. It’s the most peaceful and relaxing moment of my whole week.
Fave thing to do in Melbourne:
Walking down Swanston Street is the best place to meet someone, I don’t go a day without running into someone I know walking down Swanston, I love that.


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