Hanna – Student/ Waitress

What have you been up to over the holidays?
I’ve been in Thailand! I spent so much time on the beach because i knew I had to pack my whole beach experience for the year into my holiday. I had so much fun!
What’s your number 1 goal for the year?
Continue with my studies at Uni and actually pass. Also, I’d love to go overseas again this year, hopefully to Nepal.
What’s the biggest struggle you’re dealing with at the moment?
I think living in a new city, even though I’ve been here for a year, I’m still trying to get my base in Melbourne. I need to do some more networking.
What’s the best bit of advice you’ve been given?
Don’t sell yourself out for anything or anyone.
What’s your biggest regret?
Not keeping up with music as much as I would like to. I love playing, it’s my passion. I want to perform more music in front of people and hopefully I can start that this year.
Melbourne quick q&a
Favourite cafe:
3 little monkeys in Centre Place
Favourite bar:
E55 on Elizabeth Street
Favourite restaurant:
Green Refectory on Sydney Road in Brunswick
Favourite thing to do in Melbourne:
All the events that we get to go to!
Best hidden gem in Melbourne:
The Abbotsford convent and lentil as anything, amazing place.

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