Emilia – Jazz Singer

Who is your biggest inspiration?
Ella Fitzgerald. Her performance in “Live in Berlin”… She did a version of “How high the moon?” Which is this jazz cover and she did it for 7 minutes and 5 minutes of it is scatting. It just blew my mind.
What’s been the biggest struggle you’ve had to face in life?
At school people didn’t really appreciate people who were different. If you were a musician or an artist or if you did anything out of the norm in high school you’d be condemned and ostracized. You’d be put down a lot. Which was unfortunate but I had to get through that. I’ve got good friends now in the music industry and people are very supportive now. High school for anyone with a passion… It’s hard.
Have you played many gigs in Melbourne?
Yeah I have, I  actually played a gig at Ruby’s Music Room last Saturday
How did it go?
Full house!
What’s your favourite memory?
I performed in Hisense Arena for the Victoria State School spectacular. I was one of the principal vocalists for the show. I was just about to walk onto the stage and I had a corset on and the lights were shining down on me and there were thousands of people in the crowd and I was doing a solo… We had been told for months and months to just go out and flaunt it and once you stepped out there it was like everything froze…
Melbourne quick q&a
Favourite cafe:
Al Fresco on Centre Road in Bentleigh.
Favourite bar:
Rooftop bar on top of Cookie
Favourite restaurant:
Pinocchios on Toorak rd in Sth Yarra.
Favourite thing to do in Melbourne:
I love to gig myself or to go and see gigs!
Hidden gem in Melbourne:
Prahran arcade on Chapel Street

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