You’re dressed in some fantastic Garb today, I have to ask, what have you been doing?
Well I am a chrononaut, a psychonaut, a time-travelling soul sailor and I dress as I wish. I was alienated through my life and things developed through the divine and now I dress as I wish. Too many people think if you dress in a certain way you will get picked on. I got my fashion from women, nobody puts shit on a stylish woman. We don’t just dress for ourselves we do it for others. We sculpt ourselves.
What’s the biggest challenge you face day-to-day?
After four tries last year I am five months and three weeks clear of drugs. I have passed through a lot of hellish times in¬† my life. I’m here now, I’m happy, I hardly need anything, I hardly want for anything and things are coming to me at more than anytime in my life. I could tell you about my life, not many could fathom it. But I am here now and I am transcendent, I’ve evolved in a lot of ways.
What are you most looking forward to?
The now. That’s all that matters. I have some great friends who have helped me get to where I am. They thought they weren’t poets, I helped them, I facilitated them to teach themselves to be poets. The best teachers do that.
What’s your biggest passion?
Right now? commuting with you.
Favourite bar:
Bar Rosso. Great poetry there. They always put me first.
Favourite thing about Melbourne:
The light. The people. The culture. The wonderEsness.
Hidden Gem in Melbourne:
Bar Rosso on a Monday night for some great poetry 

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