Chrissie – Teacher

What’s your favourite memory from the last year?
It’s actually from a date. An English guy and I went to St.Kilda. We walked on the beach and watched the sun set and then spontaneously decided to go to Luna Park. It was pretty much deserted and we had free rein on the rides! It felt like and episode of the O.C. We were standing in front of the ferris wheel with the lights on at night-time and he just grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him and we kissed. It was a perfect moment.
What are you most looking forward to?
My career beginning. I want to follow my passions in teaching and the arts.
What’s been the most exciting part of your last 12 months?
Working in childcare. Being involved with different age groups had made me realise my passion or working with kids in early childhood.
What’s the biggest challenge you face at the moment?
Trying to get credit for the work I’ve already done and coming to terms with the fact that after one year of studying a masters course that what I thought I wanted to do wasn’t ¬†quite right.
Favourite cafe in Melbourne:
Hawthorn common on burwood rd in Hawthorn
favourite restaurant:
Bangkok terrace in hawthorn east
Favourite bar:
The college lawn
Hidden gem in Melbourne:
Peninsular hot springs and wineries
Favourite thing to do in Melbourne:
Eat. We are blessed to have so many different types of culinary delights in Melbourne and I like to partake in them all!

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