What makes you happy?
My dog Katie. She doesn’t talk back. She’s a Cavalier cross Kelpy.
Why does she make you so happy?
She’s so stupid that she is adorable. I’ll pick her up and cradle her and she will just lay there all day.
What’s worries you at the moment?
Everything man. What doesn’t worry me?
Do you enjoy being a barista?
It’s fine, I get paid to pour milk in cups and talk shit everyday.
What’s your biggest goal?
I don’t have goals. That’s just setTing yourself up for failure.
5 quick Q&A
Fave café: Pocket on Melrose St, Nth Melbourne
Fave bar: Prudence, North Melbourne
Fave hidden gem: 3 Ltl Mokeys cafe, Centre place. IT’S SO TUCKED AWAY THAT IT’S COOL. BLINK AND YOU MISS IT!
 Fave thing about Melbourne: It’s not Perth. It’s more socially acceptable to smoke here.
Fave restaurant: n/a

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