Bec – Student/ Grill’d employee

What are you hoping to do in the next year?
I’ve just finished school and interviewed for RMIT architecture and I am waiting to hear back. Preferences have already closed so I’m feeling like I won’t get in but here’s hoping.
What’s your back-up plan?
Maybe just wonder around for a bit… Travel, have a bit of a gap year. I was born in England, Dad’s American and Mum’s Australian so that gives me three passport to travel around with which is quite nice!
What are you most looking forward to?
I’m kind of looking forward to having no idea of what I am doing next year. The openness of 2015 is awesome for me right now. I’m not keen to get my courses and know what I am doing. I like having this time of the void in between. I don’t think you get much of that ‘void’ time in life.
Are you in a relationship?
Yeah, my boyfriends just came home. We’ve been together for a year and a half now. Joe, that’s his name, he is my favourite person. He was in Cambodia volunteering and in the U.S with family after that.
What’s your biggest fear?
Well, apart from cockroaches and thunderstorms… Not experiencing everything before I die. Everyone asks me “why do you want to travel so much?” I just feel obliged to see the world I live in before I go. I’m not sure if that sounds ‘wanky’ but yeah…
Who’s your hero?
It’s clichéd, but I have to say my dad. I know he is my dad so I am biased but He sacrifices everything for the people he loves… I feel like I’m going to cry now. He is just a really cool guy, I look up to him so much. I can ask him anything and he has a really good answer and if he doesn’t he still kind of has the answer. He is happy to support me. He is the housewife of my family. My mum works and my dad does the shopping and all that. He has always put my mum first which I love.
What’s your favourite memory?
When I was living in France I was living with a host family who I got really close too. One day we went strawberry picking. There were these old strawberries there that were warmed from the sun and we ended up throwing them at each other. I don’t think I’ve been happier than in that moment, it was so beautiful
Melbourne quick q&a
Favourite cafe:
Hammer and Tongs on Brunswick St.
Favourite restaurant:
Lentil as Anything in Abbotsford
Favourite bar:
Naked for Satan also on Brunswick
Favourite thing to do in Melbourne:
To get gelato from Messina’s ice creamery
Best hidden gem:
On top of Hamer hall there is a roof garden. You get a 360 view of the city. No one really knows about it. It’s amazing.

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