Bastien – Entrepreneur

What are you most looking forward to?
Bit left of centre but I have a project I’ve been thinking about for some time. It’s to launch a scaled rocket into orbit! However I can’t say too much but look out 2015!

What inspires you?

 So many things inspire me! I have an amazing wife that keeps me honest and some beautiful friends! My staff are amazing and watching them tackle issues and overcome them also gives me drive to push on. It’s a really hard question, in a way everything does. We’re all so connected these days and people do some amazing things and I want to or maybe need to be involved…

What’s the biggest challenge you face in life right now?

 Launching two new businesses in 2015 which will be challenging and fun. It honestly doesn’t feel like work as I’m mostly exposed to working with great people coming up with ideas at Café’s and pubs… Few too many drinks on these business lunches! I’ve also got my eye on an MX championship in 2015 so training and getting to the track on crappy days can be challenging but ultimately it’s a lot of fun.

Best bit of advice you’ve been given?

 It’s been given to me by lots of people in my life but primarily from my Mother from a very young age. She always told me I could do anything no matter what others said. I’ve found it to be true and there are always nay sayers along the way but if you believe in it then go for it and, hell, what’s the worst that can happen…? On another note this philosophy has landed me in hospital a few times.

You favourite memory in your life?

If I have to pick one I’d say looking over all our friends and family in various stages of sobriety then looking at my wife on our wedding night and being swept up by a wave of emotion and happiness. I feel like one of the luckiest men alive everyday but that memory is pretty cool, still gives me goose bumps.
Favourite cafe:
Just Discovered it! Hannah Café on Chapel St in Balaclava – Really amazing healthy food.
Favourite bar:
I Love all the roof top bars in Melbourne but maybe Emerald Peacock
Fave restaurant:
You can’t go past the amazing food and experience at Vue du Monde
Hidden gem:
The problem with hidden gems is I’m usually taken to them when I’m drunk and can never find them again! Anyone know where that little pub is with a half-door that opens into a larger hall is? If you do let me know ;)

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