Bart – Chipologist

Bart, you said you were a Chipologist, what does that mean?
I’m a chippy, I work with timber… Or try to.
How was your Christmas?
It was good, we hosted, I had a few ales and was under the weather so to speak.
Is it tradition to come to the Boxing Day Test?
No, actually. I watch the cricket on T.V. every year. My mate called me 2 days ago and he was like “come to the cricket!” and I’m like “I can’t, can’t f’n afford it!” and his like “Well I’ll pay for ya”. Well after that I couldn’t refuse… but I also told him he had to pay for beers as well!
What are you most looking forward to at the moment?
Probably a big fat joint after this!
I have to put this on the internet, you OK with that?
Yeah that’s alright, mum knows, the family knows. I get everything I’ve got to get done done, then I retire with a nice fat green one.
What inspires you?
Jesus mostly… nah I’m an atheist! Seriously though, anything to do with Australia. I love seeing Australia and can’t get enough of it. I want to see it as far and as wide as it goes
Melbourne quick q&a
Favourite restaurant:
Lobster cave in Beau Morris
Favourite bar:
Squire loft on the corner of kingsway and queen st
Favourite thing to do in Melbourne:
Some of the best fishing going around is in Melbourne so definitely the fishing
Best hidden gem in Melbourne:
The Hoffbrau House on Market Lane. You can drink 1 Litre beers and drink as much pork knuckle as you can before you get kicked out!



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