Avan & Jodie Barker – Newlyweds

H.I.M.: Avan and Jodie were nice enough to give us a couple of minutes on their wedding day!!
HI guys, I’ll ask the obviously rhetorical question… What are you doing?
We got married today! 
Congratulations! Where were you married?
At the Rose pavilion in the Royal Botanic Gardens
Why Flinders Street station for the wedding pics?
We chose Flinders St Station as our backdrop as we had our first kiss and proposal under the famous clocks!  We’d have loved to have got married at the station but they never returned our emails!
Melbourne quick q&a
Favourite cafe in Melbourne:
That’s a tough one there are so many! But one of our favoUrites is a cafe in centre place that’s called Jungle Juice
Favourite bar:
A bit sentimental, but the young and Jackson (Chloe’s bar) was where we used to meet after work when we first started dating as it was central and such a lovely old-time bar.
Favourite restaurant:
The Town Hall Hotel in Fitzroy. It’s brilliant and Harry and his team are exceptional. Best food. We love this restaurant so much we had our wedding reception there. The BBQ chorizo is insane! 
The best hidden gem in Melbourne: 
It’s only been in Melbourne a year and it’s the punting on the ornamental lake in the Royal Botanic gardens. It’s a lovely way to spend 30 minutes
Your favourite thing to do in Melbourne:
Drink coffee and see friends. (We travel 90% of the year for work and we miss our friends, the coffee, the food and everything else that Melbourne just does so well!)
Thanks Avan and Jodie and have a great honeymoon!!

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