You don’t sound quite Australian, where are you from?
I’m from the north-west of Italy. A little town between Milan and Torino.
Why are you in Melbourne?
I came to Melbourne to do my masters in bio-technology.
How have you found settling into Melbourne?
At the beginning I found it difficult. The cultures are very different so it took me a while to settle in.
And now?
Now it is a lot better for me. I like it, it’s so easy going here and I like the people and everyone’s so relaxed. Very different from Italy.
What’s been the biggest struggle in moving to Melbourne?
Staying on by myself. My boyfriend and I came here together. We had been together for seven years and we broke up here. I had to stay on by myself after he left and that was a challenge for me
Who is your biggest inspiration?
My mum. When I look at what she does and what she has done for her whole life. She has had struggles and problems and always came through. When I look at her, she is my inspiration.
Favourite cafe in Melbourne:
Literature on Lonsdale st
Favourite restaurant:
Yim Yam, Vietnamese restaurant on Smith st in Collingwood.
Favourite bar:
Workshop on Elizabeth st
Hidden gem in Melbourne:
Walking down the street during the night. The city is very beautiful during the night.
Favourite thing to do in Melbourne:
After work, going onto the rooftop at Cookie and having a beer.

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