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  1. Hey! You took a picture of me drinking coffee in Melbourne this morning. I’m writing a travel report on Melbourne for a free magazine back home. I was wondering if its ok to use the picture in it. It would fit in very nicely with the report and its kind of funny that Im in it. Just let me know if you would like any photo credits and if it would be ok to use it at all. Thanks a lot. I also checked out your website and I think your work is great and really shows the diverse faces of Melbourne so well. Thank you! Hope to hear from you. All the best. Lars

  2. Hi there,
    At the Melbourne Tomato Battle, someone from your website took a photo of my group of friends and said that it would be on the website the next day. It is not up on the site so I wondered if I could possibly have it sent to me? There were seven of us- the four girls wore Little Miss Sunshine t-shirts.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.


  3. Hello! We’ve seen your post Today of the branded coffee cup, one of the coffee shops asked to use with Melbourne I love you!
    Could we borrow it also for the cups? We love to have our cups branded with different slogens and notes and this could be great to use it for a few weeks!?

    Many thanks in advance!!!

    My Little Melbourne Coffee , Budapest, Hungary

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